Posted by eleanor on September 30, 2013

Wow what an awesome weekend at Strange Folk Festival!  It is one of my favorite shows every year, it's such an honor to be included with the best of the best crafters and artists in STL!  Anyway, I kind of had something on my mind that came about because of something I overhear quite often at shows.  Many Many times shoppers will be admiring my work and have certain people in mind they are shopping for.  They'll find pieces they love and want to buy as gifts, but will change their mind and say the following: "I want to get this for so-and-so, but I've never seen her wear anything like this before".  Well, let me take this opportunity to put your mind at rest.  Of course you've never seen anyone wear anything like this before!  One of the most common comments I get is how unique, original, and unlike anything else out there my work is.  So of course it is impossible for you to have seen any one you know already wearing something like this.  So to you I say, take a chance!  You've never seen them wear it before because they've never seen it before!  Maybe you or she will start a trend, you never know =)  And on the flip side, why would you want to buy something for someone that's just like something you've already seen them wear?  Get them something they DON'T have!!  Happy craft fair shopping =)