Posted by eleanor on July 13, 2016

I wanted to share a bit of wisdom a friend shared with me a few weeks back. I was telling her how I've been sensing a darkening in the overall collective human psyche, a bloodthirsty regression. Not necessarily in my circles, but "out there", and in myself. Publicly denouncing real life violence while hungrily consuming it in entertainment. My work inspiration waning to nothing. And sadly, the suspicion that making pretty things in this increasingly overcrowded and hard world is a frivolous use of my time, a non-skill. But here's what she helped me see (in my words). That art and beauty were of and for the light. That creativity is a weapon against the dark. In a darkening world, the light needs its fighters more than ever. That artists are a different kind of warrior, but warriors nonetheless. Low income, obscurity, and criticism are the blows the dark will strike against me. And it knocked me down HARD last year. And it will continue to do so. There is no "my year" on the horizon and no cavalry. Time to redefine badass.